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Personal Injury

Do you know what the statute of limitations are in a personal injury case?

We have been visited by many clients who have missed the opportunity to recover damages, medical expenses, or lost wages because they did not know what action to take and/or when to seek legal representation. Do not let this happen to you.  If you have been involved in a car accident and are unsure of whether you have a case, please contact our firm for a free consultation.  

Our office works on a contingency basis for personal injury cases which means the client does not pay us a fee until we settle your case. Our staff can immediately investigate accidents, interview witnesses, analyze medical records, and perform early crucial legal work which leads to successful results. 

Being injured in a car accident certainly is no fun and can complicate many parts of your life. With The Wright Law Firm on your side, you will have a dedicated and experienced staff to pursue your case with maximum compensation.

Don’t Delay, call for an appointment. If you can’t come to us…. We will come to you!

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